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Institute Of Study Abroad Ireland
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Internships Ireland

 The Institute of Study Abroad Ireland Internship is an eleven-week placement program for students and adults interested in spending some time in Ireland. We will find a placement for you, suitable to your needs, and also arrange your accommodation. You will live in residential accommodation with Irish students and adults, and enjoy a lively atmosphere and lots of opportunities to make friends, travel around Ireland, and get some work experience in your chosen field as you soak up the amazing culture and scenery.

Our Spring and Fall Programs are during specific dates, and include a week of cultural induction and ten weeks of interning in your chosen fields.
(See Spring/Fall Programs).

Alternatively, you can travel to Ireland for a period of time that suits you. This can be from two weeks up to eleven weeks. (See Summer Internships)

Why should I choose ISA Ireland?
If you are searching for an experience in Ireland, with an educational /cultural /experiential dimension, we are the experts. We live, work and do this here on our campus all year round, and we have sixteen years + of experience working with parents, students, kids, teenagers, faculty, teachers & independent adults. We know the best of Ireland, and we know how to offer it to you. We offer authenticity, value for money, courtesy, genuine enthusiasm about what we do, professionalism, efficiency and friendliness. We will treat you as the individual you are, and you will become part of a large family of ISA Ireland visitors. Parents can be confident that their babies (hey, even if you’re 30 years old, you’re still your parents’ baby!) will be cared for as we would take care of our own. We are the best choice you can make, if it’s Ireland you want.

Who can I talk to?
Intern program director is Niamh (it’s pronounced “Neeve”…it’s Irish…) Hamill. Niamh travels between the U.S. and Ireland, working with parents, agencies, schools and faculty that are interested in educational opportunities in Ireland. Please feel free to contact Niamh at on US phone 973 610 5125 or Irish phone 011 353 87 2941232. Niamh will be liaising directly between the internship provider and you; she will be looking for the kind of experience you want, and looking to provide the hosts with high-caliber interns.

What kind of internships do you offer?
Bundoran is a beautiful holiday town on the coast, and there are many opportunities in Tourism, Hospitality, work with Surf Schools, music festivals, theatre & drama, cinema, and restaurants. There are also opportunities for those with skills in IT, marketing, teaching, work with the elderly, PR and environmental groups. We work hard to match you up with an interesting internship that will enhance your skills and experience.

For a list of current internships available, use the menu on the left or click here for Summer 2013,  Fall 2013,  Spring 2014 or go here to download a pdf of our complete programs

The fee for the eleven week internship course is 3,000 USD which, includes your transfer to and from Irish Airports, your shared accommodation and utilities including light, heat, wifi and electricity, your 1-week cultural induction, including tours and activities, and the arrangement of your internship. For private accommodation, the fee will be 3,500 USD. During the period of your internship, we will be available and interested in liaising with you and your placement host to make sure everything works well.

Information on Intern Programs Download Information Pack

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Download a pdf of all internship opportunities

Testimonials from past Institute of Study Abroad Ireland Clients:

"How can I describe one of the most moving and mind-blowing/boggling experiences of my life?
I'll attempt but I doubt I can completely capture the extent to which my time at The Institute of Study Abroad has altered and affected me... it was absolutely awesome! Best thing I have ever done in my life.
The minute I am thousands of kilometers away from my hardy and hearty Irish friends and family, I'll weep.
Erin Elliot Gap Year Spring 2012.

I think I got out of this what I wanted and had a great time and that’s all I really cared about. Met some brilliant people and had memorable nights together. I think the thing I'm most going to take away from Ireland is people's spirit and lively personality. Just seems to be a lot of people her with that Happy Go Lucky attitude. I'm very glad I did this because I think I grew up a lot here which I know I really needed to do before going to college. That is what I'm most proud of myself at the end of this trip. Thanks for helping me become a better me as well by teaching me to take more responsibility for myself and my actions.
Matt Roache Gap Year 2011

Dear Niamh & Collie
We, as parents, are very pleased with the opportunities afforded Daniel in Ireland. It was his first experience being away from home for an extended period and it was well worth it
It was important for Daniel to get "out on his own", experience new surroundings and meet some new friends. We were very pleased with the program and the people involved with his development. Daniel has been in Clearwater Florida since January at Players School of Music. He will wrap up his tenure there in December and hopes to pursue a performance major at an accredited school.
ISA Ireland was the launching pad to his development and has given him the confidence to pursue his passions. He appears to be genuinely content and motivated to take the next step in his education.We appreciate what your program has done for Daniel. We would encourage other parents to consider this option for their adult children who may need to expand their horizons in an alternative educational setting.
Best Wishes, Randy & Carrie Stary (Daniel, 2010).

As a parent I can say with 100% assurance not only is this program well thought out but I also felt my child was safe and under excellent common sense supervision at all times. I sent him there to learn the kinds of things not taught in an academic setting, such as self assurance and self confidence in his own judgment. I think he got those qualities and so much more. I would send him again.
Alex Hinton, parent, 2009.

Information on Intern Programs Download Information Pack

Download Expression of Interest

Download a pdf of all internship opportunities